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Published on September 9th, 2013 | by Arnold Chua


Signs your marriage is on its way to disaster.

Here are some signs to take note that your marriage is going down the drains.

Be prepare to take some actions to salvage your marriage!. Good luck!


spending less time

5. Spending less time together.

As the title says it, both husband and wife are busy with their own stuff and start to spend less time together. You may think that your partner is alright and that you are being understanding by giving them space. Stop and think about it. Eventually you both will feel comfortable being apart from each other, this is not healthy. Do something about it!. Speak up, or take a step back and reconsider.



4. Less intimate.

After spending less time together, this will lead to less intimate among the couple. This is our natural urge. Intimacy is what brings a couple close together and stay strong together. Without intimacy, your marriage is bound to doom. It won’t be a cheerful house to live in. Even worse is when you feel you need to get intimate elsewhere with someone else, that means big trouble. Do take note and think twice before doing anything that will ruin your marriage.



3. Emotions/thought/secret are not being shared.

Your spouse is the person which you can and should trust the most.When you trust someone that much, you would be open to them, tell them everything, share your emotions, secrets and so on. Only loners will keep their secret and emotions and be mysterious, that’s why they are alone. But a married couple, is two people, and you are suppose to share your emotions and secrets. If this is happening, please take note and have a long and deep discussion together and try to fix things.



2. Blame Game.

You start to play the blame game and not being the gentlemen you were last time by taking the blame for the ladies, you are being selfish. (This statement is for the men but it is also for the women).  Married couples are a team, and team do not blame their teammates, they share the  burden, the losses, the wins and so on. If this is happening, it will eventually lead to break up as no one wants to give in.


loving divorce

1. Arguments.

Well, there is no communication here, whenever a couple argue day and night. Arguing more and more not only destroys marriage, but destroy all sort of relationship. If you guys are arguing over everything, whether it is small or big, you guys argue. Something has to be done here. Meet a therapist or a doctor to discuss you guys problems.


If any of you have these symptoms, please do take notice and take action to fix it.


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