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Top 20 Facts of Mamak

1. Mamak is by nature a dealer in curries, and curries are the most powerful drug known to humanity.

2. To go to Mamak or not to go to Mamak is really a silly question.

3. A lady who loves to go to Mamak is a lady to love. We’ll raise our teh tarik to that

4. Mamak is the epicentre of all the current unity and peace since day one.

5. Eating alone at the Mamak stall in your college life is not a big deal anymore.

6. Haze or not, Mamak still Mamak.

7. If you boycott Mamak, the only things left are typical nasi campor and overprice fancy restaurant.

8. Mamak’s stall matters. Late night session with friends at Mamak is the best!

9. It’s either you go lepak Mamak or you go home.

10. Mamak brings everyone together.

11. You automatically speak Mamak accent when talking to Mamak. Don’t lie.

12. Be rich like Mamak or die trying.

13. Hak menebar roti hak Mamak.

14. Mamak came and went but curries stay.

15. Mamak earns more money than you. Fact.

16. Mamak’s ice milo is better than your home-made ice milo. Suck that.

17. Mamak speaks to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the party.

18. Mamak celebrate those who take their girls to kedai Mamak for a date.

19. Yes, Mamak is the best. No GST and no MSG. Apa lagi you mahu?

20. Not all Chinese are bad and not all Malays are bad. But, roti canai Mamak with telur mata is still the best.

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