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Six secret to a happy marriage!!

Hello peoples!

I am quoting this secrets from “Dynamic Imaging” by Norman Vincent Peale.

A triumphant, rewarding, lifelong partnership is possible.

This dreadful words only brings trouble in our life if we do not have a positive mindset.
It cause us to doubt, and thus losing faith and trust. It is particularly harmful to marriage.

Maybe I’ve made a mistake. Maybe i’ve married the wrong man or woman. Maybe I’m becoming more matured and my partner is still childish. Maybe I’d be happier married to that guy or girl.
Maybe I’d be happier not married.

With all these ‘maybe’ the marriage is bound to fail. This has a very negative imaging.

A young girl, once say that her husband, Tom, who is a medical student, was neglecting her. He studies day and night, they aren’t spending time together.
Finally she say, “I do not know why i married Tom. There are other guys who would die for me is asking me to marry them, but i turn them down. Maybe i made a huge mistake by marrying Tom.”

As we examine this case, she is doubting their marriage.
The only maybe to use is,
“Maybe I can think of a new way to be loving and supportive of Tom today.”

We have to use maybe in a positive way to work things out.
It is always easier to think negatively then positively.
But remember, “No Pain No Gain.”

I will share with you the Six secret for a happy marriage.
I will elaborate each point from time to time.

1. Develop a mature concept of love.
2. Work on communication constantly.
3. Learn how to defer gratification.
4. Take responsibility.
5. Learn to compromise.
6. Practice the art of appreciation.

Stay with me guys.
Have a wonderful day ahead.! =)

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