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Malaysia Boleh

New eating place in Malaysia!! Excellent!

Free WiFi in Selangor (WiFi Selangorku)

Foreigner brought into malaysia for voting not treated well

A senior citizen passed away right after she voted.

Bangladeshi’s Voter Lining Up To Vote

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I do not know what is it? Speechless. A new anti theft device i guess?

July 23rd | by Arnold Chua

[source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=606837996022418&set=p.606837996022418&type=1]  ...

Using chopsticks in creative ways? or disgusting? Cheapskate? You decide.

‘Eyeball Licking’ A New Way For Intimate Love Making

Pekerja Di Baham Buaya, Only in Miri

International Breaking News; Bangladeshis Prime Minister Moving to Malaysia in 2018

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