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8 things you can only do when you are a kid! Not when you are in your teens and above.

There are some actions you did when you are a kid, although it is wrong but it is alright. These action, should not be brought forward!. It might seem adorable when you are little, but it would be a nuisance when you are older!

Here is a list of things you should not do when you are in your teens! This includes adults and oldies too!.


1. Interrupt a conversation between two people.

I am sure most of you when we are kids we interrupt the adults conversation, and the adults would still be smiling and laughing. But, when you are older and you interrupt someone’s converstation, you would definitely not get the same treatment!.


2. Ignoring your Hygiene.

When we are kids, it seems okay to play in the mud and come home. You would probably get spanking from your mum and get a bath, and then everything is forgiven, everyone still loves you.
Kids may also wear the same pants for a week, not cutting your hair, not keeping your fingernails short and so on. But then again, when you are much older and doing those unhyginic acts, nobody is going to be friends with you. You would get stared, and be left alone.


3. Being a coward when approaching a girl. (This is for guys only.)

When we are kids, some boys like some girls, and the boys would be too shy to talk to a girl. So what does the boy do? He sends his friend to be his messenger. This is a cowardly act for a teen or adult to do. Be a man! Man up! Go straight to her and talk. If you are shy, just bring along a friend (wingman). 


4. Fighting.

As simple as this, even fighting when you are still a kid is bad enough, you would get scolding and spanking. Let me play this through a scenario. 

You get into a fight with another guy. If you win, you walk away victorious and everyone congratulate you. The fallen guy might seek revenge later and you can’t live in peace, always have to be on the look out. After the fight, police might be looking for you. Or during the fight you hit him hard somewhere and that cause some permanent damage and you have to live with that memory for the rest of your life. Or another scenario, if you loose, you walk away ashamed, and you might always be thinking of vengeance, you won’t have a peaceful life. Or if the guy hit you hard somewhere which cause permanent damage on you, then you are going to live your life with a disability. Or worse, your opponent have a weapon, you could be dead!. 


5. Updating your relationship journey in a social network.

Please don’t spam your friends wall with your updates on how well a date went, how bad it went, how great your partner is, how bad he is and asking for sympathy, and list goes on. Oh my, it is so irritating, and childish. There is no more privacy left. Oh my, keep it to yourself attention seeker. 


6. Mispronouncing simple words.

If it is a genuine slip of tongue, then it is fine, but if it is done on purpose to act cute, then my god. Especially baby talk. Keep it to yourself. 


7. Throwing tantrums.

When you are a kid, most of your toys are design to withstand your anger.! But when you age, your toys become mobile phone, tablet pc, laptops and all the fancy cool gadgets. So what happen if you throw a tantrum. And your new toys are not meant for kids!. It is not cool. Another reason to stop this is because you will chase away all of your friends for your childish act and you will be alone forever.


8. Digging your nose for gold.

Please use a tissue, or do it in a private place, like a toilet!. Not where someone can catch you, and you quickly bring your hand down and hide it behind your back or put it to your side while your thumb and index finger make a circular motion. Caught red handed. It would be an awkward situation. When you are a kid, no problem! 






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