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4 things we can learn from Datuk Maznah, owner of Securiforce!

Datuk Maznah Hamid is a force to be reckoned with. She definitely is Malaysia’s iron lady in the business world.

She has taking a deep plunge that no one would and live through slums before coming out of it. She is the owner of the nationwide recognized security company, “Securiforce”.

Today she owns multiple successful businesses. She is a very generous person and is always sharing her success with the public and the younger generation.


Here are what we can learn from this iron lady:


1. Women is not a weakness!.

Datuk Maznah is a woman, and look where she is now. Woman can never use the excuse that being a woman is a weakness to not make it big in the business world. Datuk Maznah is the living prove of a how a woman can be successful in the business world. Never doubt yourself!. She is now a boss to over 4000 male workers and is among the leader of a business highly dominated by men


2. Money is not an obstacle.

Do not give the excuse that no money means you can’t do business. Datuk Maznah believe anyone can start a business with a small capital and persevere to make it grow. She started her business with only RM5000 which is all her hard earned savings, which is quite a large gamble. Gathering experience and exposure is important.


3. Don’t run away from challenges.

Every obstacle we met we should face it. Life is tough, there is no escape. Datuk Maznah treats challenges as a motivational drive, instead of an excuse to run. She even gave birth to one of her daughter in a slum without proper facilities.  Ever since then she decide to take up the challenges and face it for her families future. Go by this saying “Whatever that doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”.


4. Improvise.

We should always improvise when it comes to business. Improvise to save the business in its dying times. Datuk Maznah face the problem of having not enough cash to pay her workers salary, she instead offer to cook meals for them. When the company started earning money, she paid them all back with the appropriate amount. In one of the dying times, she herself even became a night-shift guard. Determination is another key, if there is a will there is a way.


Hope we all learn something from here.!

Have a nice day ahead!

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