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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Arnold Chua


When technology fails. Here are the top 11.

We are moving towards the technological era for mankind.

But it has not been a smooth journey, there are bumps along the way. Here are 11 of them:


No.11. Hubble Space Telescope.

It cost 2.5 Billion dollar, and it’s only purpose is to take pictures. The first picture it send back was all blurry. It was fix three years later with a corrective lens.



No.10. Dell Laptop explosions.

The name says it all. Dell laptop has a tendency to just blow up. It was due to the battery. Dell recall 22 thousand units. Luckily there is no harm done yet.



No.9. Nokia Gage dud.

I am sure most of you have seen this, and at least held it once. Yes this technology disaster try to combine both game and phone platform. It’s ugly and you can only play a handful of games.



No.8 Asimo – Honda Robot.

Wow, first robot!. But it failed terribly in front of a packed auditorium in 2006. It is suppose to walk, then climb up the stairs and sing. Seems like a good performance. But unfortunately after a few steps it kind of died. And that’s it, Honda quickly close the curtain. Show’s over.



No.7. Cloud Computing Disaster.

To summarize what happen, it holds so much data, and suddenly in october 2009, it collapse and all data was lost. Microsoft did manage to recover most of the data, but has left a bad image on the cloud computing image.



No.6. Pepsi’s Computer glitch.

This is probably the most harmful technological failures. The plan was launch in the Philippines and the idea is whenever you buy a pepsi, there is a random number on the bottle. And at the end of each day, a random number is generated by Pepsi. If both number match then you would be awarded 1 Million Philippines currency. Unfortunately, the number 349 produces millions of winner. And guess what, Pepsi can’t pay all of them, and that’s when things got ugly. The Pepsi plant was bombed and more than 30 trucks were burned down. A woman and a child as killed by the blast of a hand grenade which was thrown at one of the Pepsi trucks.



No.5. Mars Climate observer.

So, this guys i suppose to hover around mars at a height of 140 – 150 KM from ground. It’s purpose is to study mars. But guess what? It got destroyed when it reach mars. The reason? Over stresses. This happens because it hover above ground specifically 57KM. The height difference is so much. This is due to units problem. The contractors of this craft uses the imperial units when NASA specified Metric units. Now we know why our lecturers stress us when it comes to units. (Engineers will know.).



No.4. Ariane 5 Explosion.

Another rocket which was malfunctioned. It self destructed after 36.7 Second into air. The main reason for this is because of the system’s computer failure. It fail’s to read the next command and has nothing else to do but blow itself up.



No.3. Apollo 13.

Apollo 13 was launch to space. Everything seems fine. The astronaut in it seems fine. Until there is no oxygen. Anyway, everyone survived. It was successfully retrieve back.



No.2. 1983′s, near WW3.

Lucky we have Lt. Col Stanislav Petrov from Russia prevent a nuclear war. He manage to identify an early-warning satellite system’s alarm which was a mistake. Thank’s to his guts feeling, he know’s the US won’t just send 5 missile to Russia, thus he did not retaliate. And soon, it was true, the satellite picked up a sun’s reflections and mistaken it as a missile launch.



No.1 Iphone wireless failures.

Steve Jobs demo failed. Iphone could not connect. Just watch it here:

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