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Published on September 12th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

Top 6 Malaysian Driving Behaviour

We Malaysians have a set of “skills” when we drive. It’s literally extraordinary and more to being hypocrisy at times. Well, that’s just in our blood. Have fun with this piece.

1. We love to double park

malaysians double park


Old habits die hard and we definitely understand. Maybe you guys should start placing your phone numbers nearby the windshield from the inside of your car if you decided to do so.

2. At times we totally forgot that we have SIGNALS

car signals malaysia


Our cars are well built with signals. A little set of advice from FunnyMalaysia.NET, use them at all times. We Malaysians never use them especially when cutting lanes and that’s the very moment you actually need the signal lights going “tik-tok”.

3. We just love to watch Accidents

accident in malaysia


When accident happens on the road, we suddenly turn to be very caring about the motorist that got involved in it. It’s actually a good thing but don’t we just love to complain about other drivers while driving? Conclusion here is, we need to keep moving to stop the traffic chaos.

4. TOTO numbers after accident

malaysian toto numbers after accident


I seriously got no comments on this. 

5. Emergency lanes or also known as our “daddy’s lane”

emergency lane malaysia


Rushing for a REAL emergency is the actual reason why the lane existed there in the first place. However, we kinda make use of it to avoid traffic jams which isn’t the main purpose of the existence. About 20-30% of you guys end up getting summoned.

6. Traffic light shows Orange? We race till the end!

traffic light orange


Do you know if the traffic light turns to “orange”, it is actually the time to hit your brakes?

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