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Top 5 Technologies/Gadgets that is very useful for Malaysians

Certain gadgets are very important these days and these gadgets are developed because of the information technology which has developed very very fast over the few years. 

Below is five most important gadgets and technology for Msians out there that will come very handy for your daily activity. Just trust us as if you have whatever listed below, your life is much more easier and organized.

1. Smartphone


Well, this is something known among you all. But what we are saying is not for social purposes, it is for information on-the-go. Almost whatever happens in this world travels faster with internet. “Word of mouth” the classic way is too slow and basically it’s dying off as people tend to get their information using social networks and all it takes is just a SHARE or a TWEET.

2.PC or a Laptop


Some of you might disagree and prefer a tablet instead but how comfortable can you get doing other than just browsing information? What if you have some task to do? I’m personally a tablet user but when it comes to writing and things like that, a mouse and a solid keyboard are something that helps me do better in my tasks. 

3. GPS


Not necessary because you got yourself a smartphone? What if you have no data plan or got stuck in a rural area and have no internet connection? That is why in the end of the day, a proper GPS really does matter. It will help you get anywhere accurately and it helps you safe time and gas. That’s for sure.

4. Power Bank


Trust us or maybe some of you might already thought of this. This little device over here is like GOD coming to rescue. It’s like carrying an extra pen or a pencil, you don’t need them but you feel safe knowing that they are there.

5. Internet

It’s knowledge. It’s news. It’s entertainment. It’s a very helpful “teacher” on the other side of the world.

The things listed above are all created because of this technology which is widely used by almost 70-80% out of 7 Billion population in this world. 

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