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The War Has Begun

10KILLED , 4 INJURED in Sabah (The war have begun)

So much a for peaceful negotiation, i just pick up this news at philstar today (Philippines news report) ,gunshot is being exchange by our armed force and the sulu sultanate follower. Our government is still covering up the Lahad datu news update due to the upcoming 13 general election.what a shame that i need to received a local news report, from a foreign country.
Our home minister Hishammuddin is covering up the exchange fire incident on his twitter a few min ago: - when will our home minister learn that paper cant cover fire…….our government could control our mainstream media but not the internet !!

In the Philippinese the Lahad datu news is always on the headline. Utusan malaysia/TV3 blame the lahad datu invasion on the oppositon leader, Anwar Ibrahim .Najib is on his 1Malaysia election campaign tour right now, while our country is being invaded by the sulu sultanate follower……UNDI rakyat didahulukan

-Philstar 1/3/2013-
Idjirani said that the royal army called them up and informed the rising tension at about 6 a.m.

“This morning is a history, the Malaysian security forces started the first shot,” Idjirani said.

Idjirani said that Agbimuddin was not sure if the first shot was aimed at their people.

He added that Agbiuddin also informed them earlier that the Malaysian authorities were already approaching their area.

“However, there was bit of respite and it was good that the Malaysian police have withdrawn later, according to Raja Muda,” Idjirani said.

He said the Malaysian forces came as close as 300 meters from where the more than 200 followers of the sultanate were holed up.

The sultanate official also appealed to the Malaysian government to reconsider its action stressing their people holed up in Lahad Datu have no intentions of creating trouble.

“However, if the Malaysian authorities will push for its action then the Sultanate followers there have no recourse but to defend themselves to their last breath,” Idjirani said

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