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Published on September 7th, 2013 | by FM

The leader of Gang 36 is also one of MIC’s branch head, says S.Gobi

This is not a confirmed thing but according to MyWatch adviser, S. Gobi Krishnan, the leader of one of the most notorious gang, called 36, is one of MIC’s member.

The MyWatch adviser got a little more specific by saying that the gang leader is a youth branch head and it was very shocking for him to found out that a very known politician to be involve in this. Apparently, Gobi was very sure of his claims and he added that this infiltration of gangsters into the political party could be a national threat.

t mohan suspected for gang

However, T.Mohan, who was the one that been pointed fingers at by Gobi, denies the whole allegation and will take legal action towards those who release the MIC’s leader name to the public. On the other side, Mohan also lodged a police report against Gobi and two news portal for relating him with the notorious gang. He also added that Gobi should provide proofs of him being related to any gangs for police to investigate further before making any claims.

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