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Published on August 29th, 2013 | by FM

“Get Smart” Pills are being sold to primary school students

It’s called the “Dimensi 108″and just as how weird it’s name sounds, it weirdly makes students smarter and more obedient it seems according to teachers and headmistress.

Not only more obedient and smarter, as it also enable them to be more hardworking and resistant to illnesses. However, all those sounds too good to be true and a little fake which made certain parents question on these products and methods used to educate their students.

The pills are currently being distributed to Year Six students who are going to sit for their UPSR examination and one of the daughter’s parents returned those pills. It is surprising that the teacher actually told the students that returned those pills, not to blame the teachers when they din’t score well during the examination. The parents got pretty much upset with the teachers reaction as their main role was supposedly to encourage the students to work hard instead of buying some unknown suspicious spill called “Dimensi 108″.

According to sources, the product has been endorsed by the Malaysian Federation of the Council of Headmasters which also carries the meaning that it has been approved by Health and Education ministries. However, certain parties are still unsatisfied with it and lodged complaint reports to the Health Ministry to find out whether the product is legitimate or the other way round.

Based on resources once again, “Dimensi 108″ contains ingredients such as spirulina and red dates which are mainly known for their health giving properties. Very fishy indeed. 

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