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Published on August 27th, 2013 | by Arnold Chua

11 Food that can definitely kill your pets(mostly cats and dogs)! Take note.

Humans eat everything. If it can be cook, we will cook it and eat it. If it is poisonous, we will find a way to still eat it without harming our own body.

Our stomach is an endless pit. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for animals. Animals have their own diet, we cannot simply feed our pets certain food. It will definitely harm them.

Some of us may think if humans can eat it, then animal can eat it too. No! That’s a wrong perception!. Here is a list of 11 Food that our pets must avoid!.


1. Chocolate!

Oh yes. The wonderful chocolate which us humans crave so much. It taste so so delicious. We can consume a great amount of it and the only harm that may come to us (Unless you are allergic to it). is we become obese. And that will eventually lead to more diseases. However, the effect is much more faster if we feed it to our dogs or cats. Chocolate contain a substance call methylxanthines which cause vomiting and eventual death in higher dosage. But why take the risk and harm your pets? Just don’t feed them chocolate.


2. Alcohol!.

Some of us cant even handle a glass of beer! What do you think about animals? Its dangerous for them. Alcohol will cause breathing problems, vomiting, coma and death to our animals. It is not funny to see a drunk animal. They might be suffering and we might be laughing at them.!


3. Grapes and raisin.

Grapes and raisin is wonderful for us. But it is damaging for dogs. It can cause kidney failure for dogs. Grapes and raisin prove to be fatal for dogs, even a single grapes or raisin will damage them. Please be careful not to drop any on the floor when you are eating grapes or raisin.


4. Coffee and tea.

Coffee and tea, some of us can’t live without it! We need it every morning!. But you dogs does not need it at all!. Caffeine will effect the dog’s heart and the effect is damaging. It can cause death. So, if you happen to have a dog and you accidentally spill your morning coffee or morning tea, please wipe them!. For the sake of your dog.


5. Garlic.

Some of us hates garlic!? It’s kind of like the fundamental spice to be put in almost every dish. It makes our food taste better. Vampires hates garlic. But that’s not important. The important thing is, our dogs cant eat garlic. It will damage their red blood cells and cause them to feel tired quickly. But if your pet do accidentally consume garlic, don’t worry. Just bring him to a pet as soon as possible. 


6. Chewing Gum.

Ah yes, chewing gum. Makes us looks cool just by chewing them and standing in a corner do nothing. Some studies also show that chewing on a gum is good for your jaws. It acts as an exercise. But, it is not for your pets to chew on. Most chewing gum contain a chemical known as Xylitol, it is toxic to pets. Pets might also swallow the gum which will cause blockage which is harmful to the pets. Just don’t give gums to your pets.


7. Onions.

Another fundamental spice to be put in almost every dish. It kinds of brings the dish flavors out. However onions contain sulfoxides and disulfides, which will cause damage to red blood cells and cause anemia. So, the next time you cook a dish with onions, and the dish have leftovers, please do not give it to your dogs.


8. Salt.

Eating too much salt for humans is already bad. How about the pets? it will cause much more damage to them. It will cause the pets to be thirsty and excessive urination which will eventually lead to sodium ion poisoning. Too much salt will also lead to diarrhea, vomiting, depression, seizures and many more. Just avoid giving your dog too much salt.


9. Moldy Food.

We know we are not suppose to eat moldy food. but do our dogs know that? i doubt so. Moldy food will cause vomiting and diarrhea and also effects the other organs which is harmful to our dogs. So the next time when you dispose a moldy food, make sure you tie your garbage properly. Or dispose moldy food properly.


10. Bones!.

What? bones? i thought dogs likes bones! Well they do, but they love raw bones. Do not ever give cooked bones to dogs. Cooked bones make them extremely brittle which will break into little pieces and make cause harm to your dogs throat when they are swallowing it down. Another tip is don’t give your dog fish bones!.


11. Chilies.

Some of us sweat, and experience excruciating pain when consuming chilies. So do dogs. Enough said. Please don’t torture your dogs.


So, please do take care and love your pet with all your heart! =)


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