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Top 10 Most Dangerous/Notorious Gangs in the World

10. Cosa Nostra

Origin: Sicily 

Formed: Family/Clan of Sicilian Mafia

Famous For: ”Mafia”

Estimated Members: 250 000 world wide

9. Crips

Origin: Los Angeles California, 1969

Formed: An African American Gang

Famous For: Murders, Robberies, and Drug Dealing also known for ” Crib Walk ” dance

Estimated Members: 30 000 to 35 000

8. Wah Ching (Triads)

Origin: San Francisco 

Formed: 1960, Mainly by young men (Chinese American)

Famous For: Money Laundering and Financial Crimes in Los Angeles and Eastern Asia, Drug Trafficking, Extortion, Gambling, Murder, Loan Shark

Estimated Members: Unknown

7. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Origin: Los Angeles 

Formed: Hispanics

Famous For: Drug smuggling, black market gun sales, contract killing (men, women, kids), human trafficking, assault/ murder on law enforcement. They are known for their cruel crimes.

Estimated Members: 70 000 members

6. Camorra

Origins: Italy

Formed By: Mafia Members

Famous For: Political Influences

Estimated Members: Unknown but there are 111 different clans in Italy

5. 18th Street Gang (M18)

Origin: Los Angeles 

Formed By: Hispanics

Famous For: Brutal Rules ”18 seconds beating” 

Estimated Members: 65 000 members in 120 different cities

4. Yamaguchi-Gumi

Origin: Japan (After the Samurai Days)

Formed By: Yakuza

Famous For: Tattoos, loyalty, Cutting off parts of their fingers in penance, Humanity Work (Avoid Civilian Casualties), Business, Tinted Luxury Cars, Murder

Estimated Members: 102 000 members

3. Solntsevskaya Bratva (SoIntsevskaya Brotherhood)

Origin: Moscow, Russia

Formed By: Mikhas Mikhailov

Famous For: Russian Mafia, Prostitution, Extortion, Bribery, blackmail, to credit card fraud, Human trafficking, Arms dealing, Stock fraud, Money Laundering, and even online scams and hacking.

Estimated Members: Unknown

2. Sinaloa Cartel

Origin: Mexico

Formed By: ‘El Chapo’ Guzman (Godfather of the Drug World)

Famous For: Drug Trafficking, Murder, Contract Killing

Estimated Members: Unknown 

1. Los Zetas

Origin: Mexico

Formed By: Mexico Elite Special Forces

Famous For: Drug Trafficking, overtaken Sinaloa Cartel to be the most powerful and most extreme violent gang in the world

Estimated Members: Unknown

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