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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

10 Secrets of a Successful Couple

Being in a relationship is not an easy task to handle. It takes lots of patience and lots of commitment to maintain a healthy and happy love life.

Here are some of the main tips/secret that plays a very important role and very necessary to take note. 

1. Happily do things together

For those who are already in a relationship for a long time, this might sound tough but this is actually one of the ingredients that brought you couple together. It’s actually pretty simple! Most successful couples out there love to hang around each other, talk together and do things together.

2. Fair & Generous when arguing

Usually, when a couple lives together, there will always be fights regarding a disagreement. It’s best NOT to use singular pronouns like “I”, “Me” and “Mine. Instead use “We” and “Us” more often. This will make the relationship stronger.

3. Forgive & Let it Go

When a person does mistake it’s always hard to forget. It is just human nature. We tend to look for the mistakes in people more than their well being. A successful couple just forgive and let it go. If you are in the mistake, then seek for forgiveness and do not defend yourself.

4. Commitment

It’s either your in or your out. There is no such thing as “I got to focus on my career”! 

5. Be Positive

Let’s say both of you have an issue/conflict going on, try your best to think the positive side of it. If there is one negative issue, bring up at least three positive issue. Always look on the bright side.

6. Be SUCCESSFUL together

Studying hard and working hard are the things that makes you successful one day. It’s always a flow in this. When one partner wants to lose weight, the other partner will join in as they enjoy doing things together and they want to be healthy together. Similar goes to education and career. 

7. Never Stop Dating

Keep the romance going. Go out on a date like how you couple first started. 

8. Joy

Admire each others  talent or hobby. Looking at each other having fun with the things they like doing brings joy to each other.

9. The 60/40 Rule

This rule here is more related to patience in a relationship. Most couple out there thinks that being together is all about 50:50 ratio but NO. Eventually, one have to be more patient than the other but that usually happens naturally when all the points above matches.

10. Similar Basic Values

The way you think about certain things have to be strictly similar, or otherwise it’s going to be a mess. For example, if one loves saving money and the other loves spending money, that’s not going to work. Before getting into a relationship, these are the things to take note of and maintaining it after for a successful relationship.

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