Published on July 21st, 2013 | by Arnold Chua

The only secret to success!

Once there was a man who wants to find success..
He seeks out a wise old man and ask:

Dear, master..what is the secret of success?

The master smile and ask the man to meet him in a swimming pool tomorrow.

And so, tomorrow they meet up in the middle of the swimming pool. And quickly the master force the man down in attempt of drowning him.

The man fought valiantly for air. After a while the master release his grip and ask the man;

“When I held you under water, what was the only thing that you could think of and what you did?”.

The man replied;
“I can only think of air and was fighting hard to get survive”.

The master say;
If success is the only thing in your mind you will fight hard for it.

Fight hard for anything you believe in. Put unlimited effort and success will find you.

Have a good day all. =D

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