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The Difference between the girls and the women that you should take note

10. Many girls out there looks for men/guys with power, fame or even the money (gold diggers). A true women search the character of caring and loving in a man.

gold diggers


9. Girls measure a man based on how “fun” is he or how outgoing is he and things like that. A woman does that by looking how mature is he, how discipline is he in terms of finance and their level of wisdom.

cool girls and guys


8. Girls uses silly excuses to break up from a relationship and a women on the other side have the endurance knowing that everything happens for a reason.

silly excuses for dumping


7. A true woman always plan ahead for a better future and a girl thinks about the present more.

Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars


6. Girls love to have many guys going after them and they like to flirt around because they love the attention. A woman sees the quality in terms of the quantity.

girls attention

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5. A girl will always complain about her relationship affairs to her friends and some even jokes about it. A true woman keeps it a secret unless it’s necessary. 

girls cant keep secret


4. Girls demand money for unnecessary things and a woman demands it in order to make plans for a better future.

girls buy unnessary things


3. When a girl got hurt by a man she makes every man pays for it by hurting them back. A woman understands that not all men are the same.

i love you and my foot


2. A girl is LEARNING and a woman KNOWS.

a girl is learning


1. The girls that are reading this will develop an attitude and a women does not.

girls getting angry

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