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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

10 Main things to let go to be a happy person

There are certain things in life that you need to let go and that depends fully on yourself and how you manage your mind. Here are some of it which will help you realize and react the same way.


Don’t get angry too often. Anger is like a time ticking bomb in your mind and it’s never good to reveal it all the time. Learn to keep it cool, forgive and forget.

Low Self Esteem

Confidence level is another important part of life. Without it, you probably won’t achieve anything.

Perfect Partner

Perfect partner only happens in perfect world. If you think he/she isn’t perfect, well sorry to say that you are not either. If you feel comfortable with a person, you feel happy living with a person and the person accepts for who you are, that my friends is the true definition of a perfect partner for you.

One Day You Will Be Rich

If you think so, it’s good! But this is something tough and not one can achieve this without hard-work and high level of commitment. Live your life and do what you really love or work for the things you are passionate about.


No such thing as excuses. If you want it, go get it and if you don’t like to face something, go face it! It makes you stronger on the inside and you will definitely feel good about it.

Thinking Negatively

Always think something good about a person, animal, things or even the planet. Don’t put negative thoughts in your head as that will just create a hatred feeling and that isn’t something that will make you happy.


Accept for who you are and be thankful for whatever you have. If your friend got an Louis Vuitton bag/handbag, just accept the fact and know that you have much more things that’s much more valuable in your life.

“Past Tense”

Living your life in the past is something that would never change you. This is where the Emotional kids fits in! So, thing positive, think forward and be happy!

Expecting too much

This is something that always bring you down. Keep your level of expectations low as this will definitely not cause any depression. And also keep an open mind on few possible low expectations.

Control Freak

Let it go! It’s life! IF you are too control over something, on yourself, your girlfriend/boyfriend etc, life will eat you up. Because in the end nothing will end up your way.

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