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Top 10 reasons Why do relationships in our 20s never last

1. Career Paths

When in your 20s, you have no idea what type of career you want to pursue in the future and you will never know what are you going to end up with. When in your 20s, you feel like the world is huge and you feel like exploring it. We take this time to develop our identity.

Know what we want in future and shits like that. Sometimes our partner would want to explore in different things and in different place. Many couples can’t handle this situation and things do not end up well. 

2. Social Life

In your 20s its a whole new world out there. A lot doors opened in this world to be explored. It is easy to go out seven night a week than it will be when your attached to who wants you to be their husband or wife and to have a kid. This is where people  think that ”I rather party and meet many new people when I still got it”.

In relationships this is not healthy as sometimes your partner cannot handle this part of you in life. They might say that you should grow up and you should be matured with what you are doing but you would think, this is my early 20s, my youth age and I can only do this once. This can cause a lot of tensions and unresolved fightings

3. Distance

Usually our serious relationships begins when we are in college/universities. Once you and your partner has graduated from college/universities, sometimes your partner got a job offer which is in another state or in a different country.

You would think that you can handle a long distance relationship but these kind of relationships are difficult. It makes it even tougher that you do not want to go there to work or she does not wants to leave her work there to come work somewhere close to you. 

4. Different Group of Friends

When you are in a relationship, you both meet new people. You meet each other’s friends. This happens to mostly everyone in a relationship. But not everyone can connect or clique with their partner’s friends. A lot of the time each group have different views on things and this can be a problem. This is normal but as your circle of friends drift apart, this can create some kind of distance between you and your partner.

You would just be tired to socialize to hang out with your partner and her friends. You would want to spend time with your friends often but the things is you do not have all the time in the world. Each of us have 24 hours and how do you allocate them. You would feel that you do not want to devote all your free time to a relationship because you think that it will drive you crazy. 

5. Temptations

In your 20s, you are being exposed to all kinds of people in your environment. You meet people literally everywhere in every corner. And it is normal for both to view these differently. But this temptation of wanting to try more or something different is not good in a relationship.

You may end up cheating with another person in the relationship because you might think, ” Well im in my 20s and I got a long more way to go in life, why should i settle for less?” It all bows down to the trust in the relationship.It is a sacred bond between two partners. It is not easy to earn back once its broken. You will constantly think that you can do better and want more and this can lead to arguments in a relationship.

6. Money

Oh Money Money Money. This is one cruel bitch. In a relationship, Money is important. Well you might say that, ” Hey money is not important but who you are ” (hahahaha to this statement). If you are still in your parent’s support, it is going to be hard. You have just enough money for yourself.

How do support another being with that money. You need to go on dates, travel sometimes far distances to meet your partner. Each time you go out it is not free.

7. Settling Down

There are some people who are ready to settle down immediately after their are done with their studies in their early 20s. While others would want to wait until they are in their 30s. This can be your benchmark or a factor that that will determine your future of the relationship. You might think that you want to settle early and have kids but your partner might think otherwise.

They might say, ” I want to concentrate on my career first before I’m ready to settle down”. If both parties are not in the same agreement this can lead to questions like ” Am I with the right person” or ” Is there even a future in this relationship”. You will be having this thoughts constantly and finally one very fine day you would say ” Fuck it!!, This ain’t for me”‘. 

8. Constant Change

Well it’s sad to say that you would not be the same as you were few years back. Who you are in your 20 is not going to be the same when you are at your 26. You are being exposed to new environment and new things and your perceptions in life change. Different beliefs, opinions and perceptions on things can be difficult in a relationship if you do not view things the same. And in this age in your 20s, you would go through this. It is like finding yourself.

Who you really are and who you want to be and who you are going to end up with? I used to think that sex is something sacred and it should be done only when you are married but as I grow older I feel that it is just a part of thing is life and it is normal for every human being to have sex. Just an example =D

9. Independence

My friend  said once, you know when you are  out of high school there are more doors open for you, and as you get older more doors open up. Like when you are young you cannot go bars and now you can. But more doors open means more responsibilities. Spiderman once said ” With great powers comes great responsibility”.

It feels amazing when you are able to stand on your own footing. At the end of the day the only person you can count is yourself. No one is going to buy you a meal or no one is going to give you money. Money is not going to grow from trees. You have to make some decisions and sometimes your partner will not like but the fact is that they are your decision. 

10. Outgrow One Another

Well lets be honest for a moment, how sure are that your partner is the one for you. Is he or she suited for you? You might love the person once back then but do you love him or her now? You might outgrow the person.

Be more matured in life and the only this is holding you back in life might be your partner. Because he or she is not really for you. This makes you feel that since your in your 20s, the world is big and there are many opportunities out there to find someone different. 

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