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Published on August 22nd, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

The All New BMW M4 Concept Looks Stunning Indeed

The BMW 3 Series Coupe seems to be fading away and is replaced with the all new 2014 4 Series. A car that is offered with one of two different turbocharged engines. Buyers can get it in a 2 Liter four cylinder engine or a 3 Liter inline six. However, what about for the customers that wants more than that? That’s when the BMW M4 shows up.

The first thing you can see about this machine is certainly the distinctive paint job which is a head turner of course. On the other side, the car comes with a 20 inch alloy wheels which features a split spoke design similar to the previous M series and it’s unique.

Hats off to the designer of this mean machine as it looks very sporty with a long hood, carbon fiber splitter on the front, carbon fiber roof  and  as well as a carbon fiber diffuser. All those carbon fiber works are to safe some weight of course.

Under the Hood

It is believed that the M4 Concept is powered by a 4 Liter V8 engine which is something “oldschool” but like what they say, old is gold. Although there are no turbocharger or supercharger placed inside of it, this beast produces a whopping 440 Horsepower.

Unfortunately, BMW has not officially set on what’s going to power the M4. It could be a V6 or it could even be a hybrid. One thing we know, it’s definitely going to be a powerful one.

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