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Published on June 3rd, 2013 | by FM

A Message by Poh Lin to all Malaysians


Before you read the rest, I want to say that I’m completely safe & unharmed. The past two days felt unreal. It didn’t cross my mind that all the tragic, horrible crimes I read on FB, the Internet & papers would one day happened to me. But it did & it was very real. I was fortunate to have escaped by God’s grace & my quick action. I didn’t panic but I was scared alright.

The incident happened on Saturday, 1st June 2013 in broad daylight at OUG traffic lights (somewhere along Old Klang Road). A very damaged-looking black car came out of nowhere, swerved to my direction & hit my car at the back. The impact shocked me. My immediate response was “HOLY SH*T!!! WTF!!!” . Honestly, I felt like stopping and scolded that person!! but when I looked at my mirror, I saw four big African men in the car. So I knew, going down was NOT a good idea, it could be just an accident. So I drove away, wanting to make a right turn. To my horror, they followed me! And when I didn’t stop, they continued to hit/nudge my car from the back at least 4 times!

My heart was already pumping. I looked at the mirror again this time very sure this was no accident. It was done on purpose. I believe they wanted me to stop but stopping was the last thing on my mind. I tried looking at the number plate, but there was no plate. Just pieces of metal and steel on the front (bumper?). I honked to create attention. Out of fear, I made that right turn risking myself being hit by a taxi coming from the opposite direction. It gave me time to escape and speed away because they couldn’t turn because of all the cars coming from the other direction.

I looked at the mirror again to see if they were following. I was overcome with relief when they took a different route knowing that I was way ahead and wouldn’t stop. So to all the drivers out there, please be very careful. Anything can happen to you at anytime, anywhere.

Cars could be fixed. I would rather sacrifice my car than sacrifice my life. Had I stopped and confronted them, god knows what would happen. In a way I’m glad that the damage done to my car was minor. I thought it was bad because of the first hit & continuous nudges.

So yeah, keep safe everyone. Never stop for anything or anybody should you encounter this (I pray not!). Drive all the way to the nearest police station or honk loudly to create attention. May these culprits be caught soon!!!


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