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Every EIGHT in TEN Singaporean women wants more SEX! A survey was conducted.

An International Pharmaceutical company has done a survey and discover that Singaporean women craved for more sex.

The Singapore unit of Menarini Group has conduct a survey and discover that close to 80 percent of women would like more sex, compared to 69 per cent of their counterparts in Asia-pacific.

The reason being that Singapore women are getting some action done in the bedroom roughly five time a Month only.

Paul Chan, a 25-year-old university student, feels that the survey is somehow accurate and it does symbolize the Singaporean landscape.

Paul Chan says  ”Women here are not getting as much sex (as women elsewhere) because they have such high standards for men,”.

A communication Executive, Alexis Chang, 31, mention “At the end of the day, a woman who has a lot of sex gets a bad reputation but a guy doesn’t. I think that’s why women are more guarded when it comes to sex,”.

The survey was conducted in March and April this year. There were 3,567 participants between age 18 – 45, across the Asia Pacific.

In total, 200 people from Singapore were interviewed.


As for the Male counterparts, here are their concerns:

Six in 10 men are extremely concerned about not being able to satisfy their ladies.

Another concerns being that, half the local men surveyed fear that they are unable to bring their partners to climax, and three in 10 men worry about premature Ejaculation (PE).

However, not all men are telling the truth about their PE problem.

About 84 per cent of Singapore female respondents mention their male partners have PE problems. This actually bring the total to about Six in 10 men have PE problems.

Menarini also launched their new drug dapoxetine. It is the first drug develop to treat PE.




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