Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

The Cheaper iPhone 5C Revealed by a Taiwanese Artist, Jimmy Lin

It’s not easy to believe a company like Apple Inc to produce an affordable iPhone for the market but this picture right here will definitely change your mind.

Jimmy Lin is a well known Taiwanese actor and singer and recently images of him and the “budget iPhone” are seen to be going viral on the world wide web. The question here is why Jimmy Lin? And how did  the unofficially launched product reach to his hands faster than anyone else?

Whatever it is, the rumored product seems to be made of plastic material and the edges looks much more curvy but not as curvy as the iPhone 3GS. On the other side, the camera is as what as seen with the iPhone 5 but we are still not sure on the details/specs of it for now.

More information of the 5C will be revealed soon. Stay in touch with us!

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