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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by FM

”It is Pakatan Rakyat’s fault for the increase in gun violence in Malaysia”

PETALING JAYA: It has been a violent month for Malaysia since there were shootings almost every single day. The rise of the gun shootings has left one of the founder of AmBank, Hussain Najadi dead and also R Sri Sanjeevan, the chief of MyWatch who is currently fighting for his life.

Mohld Ali Rustam blamed that this shootings has been happening is based on its opposition towards preventive laws.

“The shootings that are on the rise right now is a result of the government’s steps to abolish the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the Emergency Ordinance (EO), which the opposition had demanded.

“In this case, the opposition (Pakatan Rakyat) should be made responsible for what has happened,” the former Malacca chief minister was quoted as saying to Malay daily Berita Harian today.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had earlier this week vowed to supply the police with anything they needed to handle the rise in violent crimes, including the formation of a EO-type preventive law.

Pakatan leaders fears that the nation may see a resurrection of draconian legislation in the mould of the EO and the ISA.

The IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar supported the call by saying that these violent crimes can be prevent with the introduction of an EO replica.

There have been 30 shooting cases since April. These shootings are almost happening on a daily basis.

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