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Published on August 11th, 2013 | by FM

Beautiful Meteor Shower coming up today for Malaysians to view

12 August 2013 (Midnight) till 13 August 2013 is definitely going to be a memorable day for most in Malaysia. That’s right! A very rare meteor shower is going to take place according to National Space Agency or also known as Angkasa.

It’s called the Perseid meteor shower and it’s expected to be producing a beautiful 100 meteors per hour falling across the night sky. According to certain sources, the best time to view this event right here would be between 11pm, 12 August 2013 and to midnight 13 August 2013. Which is later today!

On the other side, Angkasa also advised the public to pick an open air spot which is away from all these artificial lighting to catch this dazzling display of shooting stars clearly. Besides the Perseid phenomena, public could also encounter the sighting of planet Venus from the western horizon only after the sun has set on both days.

Well, it’s getting too wordy, to make it simple for you guys, here is a table to show what you can see soon:

Planets & Meteors Estimated Hour
Perseid Meteor 11pm – 12am 
Venus After Sun has set on both days

(Western Horizon)

Saturn & Moon Around Midnight
Mars & Jupiter 5am 13 August (Easter Horizon)

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