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Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

More AES Cameras to be installed in Malaysia

The current amount of AES cameras nationwide has already been tough for some of us. However, it will be tougher for more as there would be more of these high speed trap placed around Malaysia.

Ministry of Transport Malaysia has recently decided on placing a fixed 1,079 more AES cameras, however, the location is still undecided. According to Malaysian Institute of Road Safety and Research (MIROS), places with a high rate of accidents will be researched carefully and those cameras will be installed at that particular areas. Locations are promised to be revealed by MIROS as well once identified.

As of June 11 2013, a whopping RM20 Million was collected by the government in fines from a total number of 673,339 summons issued. That’s about RM10 Million a month! Under the 673,339 summons, 628,045 summons were recorded as a speed violation and the remaining 45,294 was due to traffic light violations.

The extra AES cameras are planned to be installed completely by the end of 2013, says JPJ.

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