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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

A Man Sell Illegal Guns Through Facebook to Malaysian Citizens

This explains it all! The reason why shooting cases has been increasing for the past two months could possibly be due to this. 

The research is done by China Press whereby they found out that there are certain criminals out there selling illegal weapons and guns through Facebook. It sounds very ridiculous but it’s true! According to China Press, the Facebook Page created is called “Irwan” and it was created on the 11th of August 2013. The page also stated that the guns on sale are genuine and are sold in the price range of RM4,000 to RM15,000

In just three days, the “Irwan” page managed to hit more than a hundred LIKES. On the other side, it is also mentioned that the weapons are sold to the “good people” only and not for criminal purposes. Informations such as identification card number, contact number and the motive of the purchase are recorded by the seller before making the exchange.

This case is still under investigation as for now and we will definitely do more research on this to keep you guys updated. Stay in touch!

Source: The Edge Malaysia

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