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Published on August 14th, 2013 | by Kesavan

2013 Subaru BRZ Review Malaysia – The Good and The Bad

2013 Subaru BRZ Review Malaysia – The Good and The Bad Kesavan


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You now what you want to feel when you drive. The trill of having a pure connection your car in every angle and twist and turns.

Well the Subaru BRZ knows it too. With the new SUBARU BOXER engine, engineered for a pure sports car with great handing and response time to deliver a thrilling experience. 

The Key Feature of the Subaru BRZ:

For improved response, Subaru engineered the BRZ to send its power to the rear wheels. Combined with a compact, naturally symmetrical drivetrain design, you get a sports car with optimal balance and one of the lowest centers of gravity in its class.

Body Build:
The BRZ is designed to be more compact with the engine placed as low as possible and farther back in the chassis. This rear-drive layout allows for low polar moment and near-perfect balance for pure sports car handling.

6 Speed Transmission:
The BRZ comes with a 6-speed fully synchronized close-ratio manual transmission for pinpoint command. BRZ Limited also offers an available 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Boxer Engine: 
The horizontal layout of the SUBARU BOXER® engine allows for a low center of gravity for improved response. It also sits low in the frame, helping it to drive under the chassis in a front-end collision protecting the passenger area.

Under the Hood of the Subaru BRZ:

Like it was mention above, the Subaru BRZ uses Subaru Boxer engine for it’s performance. A new-generation SUBARU BOXER engine powers the SUBARU BRZ to new heights of precision and excitement. A 2.0-litre engine lower, made it more compact and moved it closer to the driver. It’s the first engine of its kind to feature direct and port fuel injection technology, which enhances both its responsiveness and fuel efficiency. It’s a one-of-a-kind design that offers a new kind of satisfaction.

147 kW (200 PS) / 7, 000 rpm

205 Nm (20.9 kgfm) / 6, 400 – 6, 600 rpm

7.8 Litre / 100 KM (6MT) – Manual Transmission,  7.1 Litre / 100 KM (6AT) – Automatic Transmission

This 200 PS engine loves to be revved. With a high redline, a flat torque curve and 100 PS per litre, you’ll be sure there’s plenty of power no matter what RPM you’re at. You’ll have less impact on the environment, and more excitement at your disposal.

The Good and The Bad of the Subaru BRZ:

The Good:

* Very Charismatic Revs happy engine

* Good handling, good driving experience

* Supreme performance for the price

The Bad:

* Noisy Car

* Not really comfortable seats

* Small and narrow cargo trunk

The Price of the Subaru BRZ in Malaysia:

* BRZ 2.0 = RM240, 000

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