Interesting Facts 10 reasons why women hates men

Published on July 12th, 2013 | by FM

10 Reasons why women hates men

Could be many other possible reasons on why women really hates man at some point. But here we have gathered the main issues that causes woman to literally go mad on their partners.


This is obvious though. Most men will definitely hate a women that cheats as well. However, most men tend to cheat and lie about it until they are cornered in a conversation or even caught red handed. 

Checking Out the Ladies

Check out other ladies or hot ladies is fine boys. But just don’t do it when you are with your woman. Although some man were caught in this situation, they still can’t stop it. Excuses like “What the hell is she wearing” is something that you would say to your partner in order to check them out.

Lots of Cursing

Women can’t bear a man who curses like nobody’s business when his angry.

Don’t be Too Bossy 

Women loves a man who is protective and caring. Bossy is a whole different case. 

Dress up smart and neat 

Most men are not fashionable but based on a study, women actually prefers man who has fashion instinct and dress up well. In other words, women don’t like untidy and a lousy dresser. 

Be Romantic

This is what usually happens on the first few dates but then it dies off along the way. We men are just good at acting. Whatever it is, we need to start polishing our Romance movements as women are getting bored of it. 

Make your woman Number 1

They hate if you ignore them. So let’s be clear, she is your princess.

Don’t point fingers

That’s right! Women hates a men that blames the partner for whatever it is. We men are always wrong. The women are always right cause they are princesses. 

Don’t Make Them Wait

If you make them wait, they will remember it till they turn 40. 

Be Independent & Confident

Women hates men that are needy and dependent. 

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