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Six animals that lives way longer than humans! Longevity is on their side!

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, has recently announce 112-year-old Salustiano Sanchez Blazquez from Grand island, New York, as the new world’s Oldest living man.

Previously the title is held by a Japanese name Jiroemon Kimura which is 116-year-old, until his passing on June 12th 2013.  He is the world’s Oldest man ever.

Currently, 115-year-old female, Misao Okawa of Japan is crown the world’s oldest living person overall.

Now we know, humans are capable of living up to about 100 years old!.

How about in the animal kingdom?. Here are 6 of the longest living animals:


6. Sturgeon – 125-years old.

A sturgeon is a type of fish which was believe to be from the dinosaur age.  It is famously known for it’s egg, Caviar. A luxury dish and very rare to be found in Malaysia.

It is also one of the largest freshwater fish. The oldest sturgeon caught was 125-years-old and measured up to 7 feet and 3 inches in length and weighed 240-pounds. The fish was released back after it was tagged.



5. Red Sea Urchin – 200 years old.

It’s colour ranges from  pink to nearly black, but it is still known as Red Sea Urchin. It lives in shallow water and is typically found on rocky shores that protects it from the violent waves.  A sea urchin body is completely covered with sharp spines making it look like a sphere of thorns.


4.  Bowhead Whales – 211 Years old.

It is the second largest whale, next to the blue whale. It weigh 75 tonnes to 100 tonnes. The oldest known whale is 211 years-old.


3.  ”Hanako” the Koi Fish – 226 Years old.

Koi fish are popular aquatic pets, especially among the chinese. It is serve as a decoration in the pond, due to its colourful body. To calculate the age of the Koi fish, it is said to be the same as we calculate the age of a tree. To calculate the age of a tree, we count the ring within the tree, as for the koi, we calculate the growth ring on their scales known as annuli. The oldest koi is calculated to be 226 years of age.



2. Freshwater Pearl Mussels – 250 Years old.

This is an endangered species of freshwater mussels, it is capable of producing fine quality pearls. A russian malacologist, Valeriy Ziuganov discovered that the pearl mussel exhibited negligible senescence, which is the lack of symptoms of aging. He then determined that it had a maximum lifespan of 210 – 250 years.



1. “Adwaita” the Aldabra Giant Tortoise – 256 years old.

Adwaita in sanskrit means “One and only”. This name was given to the 250kg male Aldabra giant tortoise in the Alipore Zoological Gardens of Kolkata, India. The shell of Adwaita will be carbon-dated to hopefully provide a more accurate assessment of his age. It is said he was brought to the Alipore Zoo in Calcutta about 130 years ago..

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