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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

2013 Merc GL-Class SUV Tested in UK – Review

2013 Merc GL-Class SUV Tested in UK – Review Muhd Erfan


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Summary: This SUV here is very comfortable to be in, very safe and it will definitely not let you down.


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The all new GL Class by Mercedes Benz is bigger than ever and it’s looking gorgeous with it’s luxurious touch.


First of all, this car is all about comfort and space. If you are looking for some pretty big ride that comes with seven seats, this SUV should definitely be in your list. On the other side, it also comes with a huge “trunk” which is perfect enough to transport a whole families luggage! 

Not to mention headroom and legrooms! They are just tremendously designed for your comfort.


Below are some of the main equipment that Mercedes provide for the GL Class as standard:

  • Brushed aluminium trim for the dashboard/cabin
  • Bluetooth
  • Digital radio
  • A built in satellite navigation

Driving Experience

The first thing you notice about this machine when driving it is how easy it is to drive. The steering is light, the suspension is soft and road noises are kept to a minimum due to a decent sound insulation. 

The 2013 GL Class also can handle some rough surfaces as well! There are two of modes available which are the Offroad1 and Offroad2 depending on how extreme the surface is. Another plus point for this SUV is that there is separate modes for you to choose for example if your driving on a snowy condition, towing a trailer or a caravan. Impressive isn’t it?

Engine Flavors

  • 350 V6 Diesel
  • 350 V8 Petrol


It does an average of 0-100km/h in 9.5 seconds which isn’t something to be proud of and a top speed of 215km/h. It might sound slow, but the fact that this SUV is built for comfort seems to be convincing. 

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