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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Kesavan

2013 Honda Civic Review – The Good and The Bad

2013 Honda Civic Review – The Good and The Bad Kesavan


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The Honda Civic 2013 is the 9th generation of the Civic. The previous Honda Civic are revolutinary and class-leading. 

The base Civic’s engine is about 140 horse power. About 20 more horse power than the Honda City 2013.  It is a four cylinder gasoline engine.

The Honda Civic 2013 have improved interior materials and more features to make it a competitive car model among it’s competitor for the same price. 

The Honda Civic 2013 Interior: 

The Key Feature of the Honda Civic 2013:

* Performance: The i-VTEC SOHC powertrain is capable of unleashing up to 155PS worth of raw revving power. It is also as fuel-efficient as it is powerful in performance.

* Audio System: Get in tune with your senses with the integrated CD audio system (WMA/MP3), USB port or Aux Jack for your iPod or get in sync with Bluetooth to enjoy your favourite tunes without wires. (Bluetooth only comes with Civic 2.0 Navi)

* Airbags: Dual Airbags at the front and side airbags 

* Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) + Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

The Good and The Bad of Honda Civic 2013:

The Good:

* Comfortable riding, drive in style

* Good handling with electric power steerong

* Good Fuel Consumption

The Bad: 

* Feels the same as the previous Honda Civic Model

* Other competitors have more cargo space

* Lot of hard plastic in the car

The Price of Honda Civic 2013 in Malaysia:

Civic 1.8                 = RM112 800

Civic 2.0                = RM128 500

Civic 2.0 Navi     = RM133 300

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