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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Arnold Chua

Survivor of the devastating bus accident at Genting, recalls horrifying memory.

The root cause of the horrible incident that took place on 21st August, 3PM of a bus crashing down near Genting Highland is yet to be known.

However survivors of the bus accident recalls the terrifying incident.

One survivor, Mosammat Sirajum said that the bus driver and a taxi driver had a heated argument and the bus driver seems very angry when he start driving.

Mossamat and her two nephew survive the crash. Unfortunately her nephew’s father died in the accident.

Another indonesian national, 23 year old, Andri Purwadi told reporters that the bus driver was driving at high speed. Andri then mention, he and other five passengers bought the ticket for RM 7 but force to stand as the bus is already full.

Andri then added that the driver was neither drunk nor sleepy. Andri sustain minor injury and is being treated in the hospital. He broke his leg and will undergo surgery.

Nanyang Siang pau had reported that the relatives of the driver, Lim Kok Ho brush aside claims of him speeding.

Lim’s sister said they go up and down Genting highland twice a day and Lim knows the route very well and his driving was stable.

Malaysian Minister, Hishammuddin paid a visit to the survivors and mention that we should not play the blame game too quick. He added that, there are many other factors which might cause the bus to toppled. Detailed investigation will be conducted to find out the root cause of this horrible incident.

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