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Published on August 4th, 2013 | by Kesavan

2013 Honda City Review – The Good or Bad

2013 Honda City Review – The Good or Bad Kesavan


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Honda City, a small family car still provides the best package compared to other car in it’s category like Toyota Vios and Ford Fiesta. Honda City has a nice stylish exterior, good handling and also some quality interior.









Honda City’s Interior:

The Key Feature of the Honda City 2013:

*Performance: Experience class-leading performance and fuel economy. The 1.5 litre i-VTEC power plant lets you achieve lower fuel consumption without compromising on engine output and e even environmental consideration. The engine is compliant with Euro 4 level emission standards.

* Large Trunk: Truck Space of the Honda City is much spacious than it looks. The maximum storage of up to four 9-inch-wide golf bags.

* Advance Solution: Connect your MP3 or an iPod to the car’s audio system. It has a built in USB cable with 6 speakers


The Good and The Bad of the Honda City 2013:

The Good:

* It has good handling and make your feel riding in style

* It has a good and stylish interior and exterior

* It is spacious and has a lot of room for a small car

The Bad:

* Engine makes sounds at high revs

* Fuel saving mechanism does not save much as what they say

* Have other cars to pick in the same range

The Price of Honda City 2013 in Malaysia:

* City 1.5 Grade S         = RM83 580

* City 1.5 Grade E        = RM88 440

* City1.5 Grade E +     = RM90 900

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