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Published on June 2nd, 2013 | by FM

Three died in Johor Accident, suspect among the dead

KULAIJAYA: Three man died including a suspect died in an accident involving a police vehicle. The vehicles that are involved in the accident is a Proton Iswara and a bus at KM24 near Jalan Johor Baru-Ayer Hitam

The dead are Kons M. Amire Fairuz, 21, the suspect M.Marimuthu, 38 and an Indonesian permanent resident holder Rosde Tukiyo, 48 who was the man who drove the Proton Iswara

The police Land Rover was at the scene was carrying four police officers an for hypermarket employees who was caught stealing items in Senai. The police vehicle then was heading to the Senai Police Station around 7.40pm when the accident took place.

Kulaijaya deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Mohd Idris Samsuri said, ”“We believe that the police vehicle lost control, collided into the divider, entered the oncoming traffic and smashed into the bus and the Proton Iswara,” he said on Sunday

The investigation is ongoing to determine the positions of the vehicles at the time of the incident.


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