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Published on July 9th, 2013 | by FM

Teacher shot dead in Kelantan

BACHOK: Lately, two teachers were shot in the past few days.

The latest victim who was shot dead was Hashim Mat Zain, 45 who was shot dead in front of the school gate of SK Beris Pachor on Monday.

It happen around 1.50pm yesterday, when Hashim was leaving his house when  an unknown man drive past him and opened fire and ride away.

The incident happen about 50 meters away from the school’s gate.

Hashim lost control of his car and he crashed into a nearby house. He was shot on the chest and on his shoulders.

The house that the teacher crashed into, the owner Siti Aminah Abdullah was praying when she heard loud noises outside the house.

She quickly ran out the house and she saw a car rammed into her front gate of her house.

According to her, she said that the driver was not moving and was bleeding all over. The neighbour heard her screaming and called the police.

Hashim, the school teacher was involved in several business including logging, direct selling and also the canteen business.

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