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Published on May 30th, 2013 | by Chris.K

The 4 Types Of Workers. Which Are You?

Not all work is created equal and there are specific works which suits certain kind of people. Here 4 types of workers have been identified to make sure you do the work that is right for your type. Either that, you might be facing a hard time being happy and successful in what you do.

In general there are four types of workers which I am about to show you below. These workers are essential for any business to be successful as they play an important role to complement each others strengths and make up for any business weaknesses. Without the 4 of these, a business will not be optimized to perform and most likely would underachieve, if not fail.

Commonly, most people are one type of worker. However, there are quite many people who will have proficiency which extends to the other dominant type of workers as well, having multiple talents in a business venture.

Are you ready to find out which one are you? Here goes:


          The Whiz


The whiz is the source of ideas. Which is the backbone of any business. And these ideas are what the business is about, which are the foundation to any businesses. The whiz is an idea producer, the one who generates creativity and opportunities for a business to succeed. This type of worker is usually good at coming up with the great ideas but is usually not proficient in executing those ideas. The whiz often moves from one idea to another and so needs other people to take the ideas further.




Capabilities: Ideas, Creativity, Innovation, Business Opportunities, Business Starter



         The Realist


The realist brings ideas down to a reasonably realistic scale. The realist would determine the ideas of the whiz to decide if the idea is workable or not. In other words, the realist are the risk analyzer of a business, who utilize their knowledge based on a tried and true methods, past experiences or factual information to see if an idea is worth pursuing; or can it be realistically persued.

The realist are the ones who will decide a plan is executable or not and are usually the decision maker.



Capabilities: Decision Maker, Analysis, Planning & Execution, Leadership




   The Salesperson


The salesperson is the network between your business and the outside world; outside world being your customers and valued clients. The salesperson job is important as this is where the selling comes from, which is where your business would make its money. Sales person are the most important workers of any business to succeed. Usually the salesperson are the most densed workers in any company or organization as these people would be the most fruitful investment. A good product can sell by itself, but not if nobody out there knows about it. And even if people out there knows about it, a little convincing by the salesperson worker would be very rewarding towards a business. These are the ones who will figure out how to establish a business network within a community.


Capabilities: Selling, Networking, Relationship Building, Brand Exposure




      The Organizer


The organizer are the technical and specific component of a business. They could be anything inside a business from a janitor, accountant, engineers, laborers and more. Organizers are good at step-by-step jobs and they have a specific skill which they are excellent at. These workers are usually the ones who keep the nuts and bolts of an operation tight. It is indeed very common for any business to have multiple various type of organizer. All which would complement towards the business and propel the operations to greater heights and success. These workers are the backend of a business and usually are behind closed curtains.



Capabilities: Specific Skill Sets, Technical Operations, Resources Contributer



Now that you have known the 4 types of worker, it is appropriate for you to realize and identify which sort of worker are you. It is possible that anyone could do all the 4 types of work listed above, however effectiveness and efficiency would be another question which precedes that. There is a common saying that “No man is an island”. That is indeed true for any business too. Success of a business requires a proportional amount of contribution from each type of worker. It is rarely possible that a person would be great at all 4 types of a workers aspect listed above. Even if the person is that capable, it is not humanly possible to manage all task individually. So do the right job and I wish you all the best in your pursuit to success. Onwards!

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