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Published on July 30th, 2013 | by Arnold Chua

Successful People leave their loser friends!?

All of us wants to be successful, amazing, load with cash, loved by all, and so on.

Everyone of us wants to feel important in our respected fields.

The cliche “Key to success” was : Planning, hard work and perseverance.

There is however a new “KEY“. This key is : “the people you surround yourself with

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn


With that being said, if you want to be successful, surround yourself with amazing and successful people!
Choosing your friends or making new ones!

There is a story about a guy who brought himself up from poor to rich! How did he do it?
At the beginning he was  living with his 9 – 5 jobs, getting paycheck after paycheck every month and finally he said to himself, this is not the life he wants.
He look around at his circle of friends, most of them are the same with as him, but he noticed one of them who was doing exceptionally fine, he wasn’t even smart or talented,
but had become very much wealthy. He quickly ask his friend how he did it, and the friend responded : “Keep the right company”.

The man quickly understood the advice and put it to action. The group of friends he is with, hates hard work and is very negative. He then decides to distance himself away from them and made new friends, by going to seminars and getting to know people, going to events, functions, conventions and so on. Soon he has a new set of friends, who has big dreams, work hard for it, highly driven and motivated, risk takers, optimistic and so on.

Eventually, he became a millionaire himself within three years. He has made it a point to spent as much time as possible with the right people and spend not more then five minute with the people that could possibly drag him down.


Doing it together.

No one can be successful alone, there will always be a hidden hero behind that have help a man to be successful. There are some self proclaimed, ‘self-made’ man, this might be true, but his journey would not have been alone, along his path, there surely is some point where he met the right person which indirectly help him to be successful.

Ernest Hemingway. Heard of him? He was one of the greatest American writer that ever lived. A writer? Surely all the work he done is by himself right? But guess again, even the great Ernest Hemingway did not do it alone.  He work in a newspaper where his boss, Sherwood Anderson help Ernest publish his first novel. Hemingway then get connected with other writers.

With few other writers, Hemingway get to know more different style of writings which drove him to bigger success. His group of friends also gave him the motivation to write everyday.


Here are three essential people;

1. An experience person who is much older and more successful then you.

2. A person who is your peer which you can exchange ideas with.

3. A person who is weaker than you that you can coach and will keep you energized.


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