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Ten deadliest poisons which could kill you! Deadliest poisons known to mankind.

Here are ten of the deadliest poison which you might want to avoid having it in your own house.!

Please do take precaution if you have any of these at home. Dispose them properly. 

Reference to this list is from here.


1. Cyanide:

Exposure to cyanide would kill you within hours. A fine example would be Hitler. 


2. Arsenic:

It has been use by an Italian family of Borgias for political assassinations. Arsenic is considered a heavy metal which have many toxic characteristics such as lead and mercury. 


3. Zyklon B:

It was used by the Germans during world war II to exterminate pest on ships, buildings and machinery. It initially started as a pest exterminator. After series of experiment done, it is used for mass annihilation of humans. The infamous Nazi Gas Chambers.


4. Anthrax:

When we hear the word Anthrax, we quickly related it to biological warfare. It is true. It is extremely lethal to human when inhaled. It will start of as a flu and it does not get any better. Without any warning, your respiratory system collapses.  Anthrax is produced by bacteria, known as bacterium Bacillus anthracis. 


5. Sulfur Mustard:

This is not a mustard that we can eat with our sandwich!. Again this is a chemical with an ability to form huge blisters on exposed skins within the lungs. The effect is worse than death itself. 


6. Polonium:

It is a radioactive substance which is harmful to us. It gives human a slow death with no cure. It was discovered by Madam Curie. 

7. Strychnine:

It is extracted from the plant Strychnos nux vomica. This plant can only be found in India, Sri Lanka, East Indies and Australia. This does not give you an immediate death. After exposure, your health will deteriorate and eventually death will follow.


8. Mercury:

Mercury is found in fish! And some of us do eat fish. Are we to be concerned about this? The answer is No. Mercury level in fish are consider very low and not harmful to humans. However, if we were to inhaled mercury vapor, that would do some severe damage to our brains, lungs and shutting down our central nervous system. 


9. Oleander:

It has beautiful flowers. But don’t judge a book by its cover. It is consider the most deadliest plant. If a child were to consume a single oleander leaf, the child would be dead. Before death, diarrhea, vomiting and abnormal stomach pain and drowsiness is the first symptoms. The child has to be treated in the first 24 hours after consumption of the leaf. 


10. Sarin:

This is a nerve gas. It will cause running nose and difficulty in breathing. You will suffocate. The picture below depicts the incident in Japan,. where many has died from this nerve gas in 1995. 

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