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Published on July 29th, 2013 | by Arnold Chua

Pregnancy fail? It might be due to untreated eating disorder!

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For women who have reach certain age of maturity and is ready to take on the next phase of life, an interesting phase, which is getting pregnant and giving birth!

This would be an exciting stage for the women and also the men. For those women who are serious and ready to take on this task, most would implement healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, taking vitamins and so on.

However, experts now suggest to those women who is ready for this task, but has untreated eating disorder to get help if they ever wish to conceive.

Eating food is the most essential thing for a human being to stay alive. Our body condition very much depends on what we eat, as the saying goes, “We are what we eat”.

Women who is undergoing diet or is not eating properly but think they are alright might not have the chance to get pregnant.

Choosing the right time to mate (Plant the seed!) during ovulation is one of the most obvious key in getting pregnant, but there are many factors that might prevent pregnancy.

It is reported that many woman have eating disorder but choose to hide it from their doctors.


3 things to know about Eating disorder and fertility.


1. Watch for signs.

Eating disorder may be inherited. Some women will try to be healthier by changing their diet and exercising. But making this sudden change may trigger your body into a eating disorder habit. Always consult your doctor before making any sudden change. they know best!


2. Dont take your weight for granted.

Eating disorder can happen to women even if they have so call normal weights.


3. Consult your doctor always!

As simple as the title. If you have difficulties in conceiving, just consult your doctors.


Just for those who don’t know:

Eating disorder is a condition where someone display an abnormal eating habits, which may involve either in insufficient or excessive food intake.  Examples are : Bullimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa.
For more information on eating disorder, click here.


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