Health and Fitness 45 tips for healthy living

Published on June 29th, 2013 | by FM

45 Ways to stay very healthy in this world

Most people only do part of the things listed below but do you know by following closely whatever is down there will keep you healthy physically and mentally?

1 Drink More Water
2 Get Enough Sleep
3 Meditate
4 Exercise
5 Pick exercise you enjoy
6 Work out different parts of your body
7 Eat more fruits
8 Eat more vegetables
9 Pick bright colored foods
10 Cut down on processed foods
11 Love yourself
12 Go barefoot walking/running
13 Purge negative people from your life
14 Purge negativity from yourself
15 Journal out unhappy thoughts
16 Avoid trigger foods
17 Breathe deeply
18 Address emotional eating issues
19 Eat small meals
20 Stop eating before you feel full
21 Go for brown carbohydrates
22 Live a life with purpose
23 Say no to oily foods
24 Cut out sugary foods
25 Go organic
26 Improve your body posture
27 Cut out soda and caffeine
28 Consume very less alcohol
29 Learn to prepare your own meals
30 Learn to say NO
31 Bring along water when you head out
32 Dine at salad bars more often
33 Go for low calories/fat alternative
34 Quit smoking
35 Avoid passive smoking
36 Have healthy snacks
37 Drink fruit/veggie smoothies
38 Try juicing
39 Go on a vegetarian diet
40 Go on a vegan diet as well
41 Try raw veganism
42 Get out more often
43 Exercise good dental hygiene
44 Join classes
45 Hang out with healthy people

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