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Ozone Rage 7HX Gaming Headset Review

Ozone Rage 7HX Gaming Headset Review Kesavan


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” Evolution Has Pushed Us Away From Yesterday’s Gaming” – OZONE Gaming

History of OZONE Gaming:

Up until this year, we’d never even heard of Ozone Gaming as their presence in Malaysia is not existent… well, not yet anyway. Ozone Gaming Gear is an European brand (Spanish) of gaming peripherals that revolves around the concept of ” It’s all about Evolution”.

OZONE is a brand created by and for gamers, the evolution is part of our gaming life, we all want to improve and evolve into a better gaming contender.

OZONE is committed to the development, engineering and evolution of innovative gaming peripherals with an unique style and the best performance, to allow gamers to exceed their limits and become the best. It’s all about evolution.

OZONE provides customers with wide range of gaming gadgets such as Headphones, Earphones, Mouses and also Keyboards at the right price.

Ozone Gaming Rage 7HX Gaming Headset:

What we have with us now is the OZONE Gaming Rage 7HX Gaming Headset. It is a mid-range gaming headset that brings out the best that money can buy. This gaming headset produces excellent sound quality and also it has also good quality build for the price. Like their motto, they produce wide range of gaming products at the right price.

About Rage 7HX Gaming Headset:

 The Key Features:

Stunning 7.1 Surround Sound - Premium 7.1 surround sound quality that enhances directional awareness and amplifies gaming experience like never before.

Clever Ergonomic Design – When using the Rage 7HX you will forget that you are wearing a headset because its light. The headset also does reduces background noises 

XL Cloth Padded Ear Cushions – Ear cups tare covered with an advanced micro – texture cloth for a comfortable fit during long gaming hours. 

Detachable Microphone – Flexible and detachable microphone with advanced noise cancelling technology that ensure clean chat conversation 

Inline Remote Control – Adjust the sound and microphone settings on the fly with the Rage 7HX inline remote controller. Built with an advanced ergonomic design for a comfortable grip 



Driver Diameter: Φ6.0×5.0mm
Directivity: Omnidirectional
Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
Sensitivity: -38dB(at 1KHz)

Driver dimensions: ø40mm
Frequency response: 20~20kHz
Sensitivity (SPL): 99dB(At1.0 kHz)
Impedance: 32Ω

Cable Length: 2.9m
Inline audio controller with independent chat volume control
Plug: USB plug
Net Weight: 344 gr

When Testing the Product: 

Audio Quality:

Personally, We in FM found that this headset it’s worth the price as the sound quality amazed us. We tested on a few games like Battlefield 3, Diablo 3 and also Dota 2. When playing these games, every footsteps, shouts, incoming fire, passing vehicles and also skill used, you will hear everything as it is detailed as if you are in the game itself.

The microphone comes very handy when playing games such as Dota 2 and Battlefield 3 as the clear clean chat conversation with your team-mates is possible. We never had any complains about the sound quality with this headset as it brings the best out of it. 

We also tried testing Musics and Movies sound quality. It has a 7.1 surround system (virtual surround sound) which makes the movies comes to alive. Music quality is rich and clear all together. Audio tracks with bass was pleasing as was the volume. Hardwell and Swedish House Mafia played well on this headset. 


The 7HX comes with a semi rough matt finish with fluorescent red Ozone Gaming marking at the sides. 6 LED on each ear cups makes the headphone looks cool as its shines red all the time. The cloth mesh material and padded ergo design allows users to extend the size of the headset.

Players who have larger heads would not find any problem with this headset as it fits on all head sizes. The detectable microphone also comes with Red LED marking and it is flexible. Users can bend the microphone to their liking when using. 

When we first started using the headset, it feels really comfortable and light. We tried gaming for 8 hours straight and we did not feel any heavy object on our head as the cushion surrounding the headset was comfortable. 


To start using this headset you must first install the software given by Ozone Gaming for the headset. 

Installing this software is pretty straightforward and fast. A small audio application icon will appear on your desktop once its finish installing. You can change audio settings, customize your audio experience and also enable virtual surround sound in that application. 

The Verdict:

From the test runs that we in FM did to this headset, we would recommend you (users) out there to get one of this baby for yourself. If you are looking for a reasonable gaming headset we would strongly recommend you getting the Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset. 

For now, this OzoneGaming gear is not directly available in Malaysia. It is still a new brand that is developing fast in the European Market. We assume that this products will be directly sold in Malaysia maybe sometime next year. If you cant wait to get one of them right now, you can always go to their website at to make purchase. Couple of headsets are also sold in Ebay and Amazon. 

The Price range of the OzoneGaming Rage 7HX is about $90 to $100 (price in USD dollars – about RM280 to RM300). 

Stay tune for our next review on the Ozone Xenon (Optical Pro Gaming Mouse) soon. 

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