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10 Cool stuff that your ipad is capable that you did not know!

Ipad’s nowadays are used by small kids to play games and surf facebook! Nothing more.

But there is more to that!

Here are 10 things that the ipad could do:


1. iTeleport.

For $19.99, we can access our computer through our ipad and control everything from anywhere around the world. You can be creative with this apps.


2. iNet WOL (Wake On Lan)

We can wake up our computer whenever it falls asleep. It cost only $1.99


3.Special Gesture.

Do you know, we don’t need to turn on our multitasking bar. We can make use of our four finger by swiping them simultaneously to switch between app.


4. Special gesture 2.

If we pinch by two fingers mean we are zooming in, but pinching with four fingers, will bring you back to home.


5. Special Gesture 3.

Again by using four fingers to swipe them up, we can go to our multitasking bar immediately.


6. Remote.

This is just to control your music and video if it is Airplay compatible devices. The app is free and it is called ‘remote’.


7. Private browsing.

If you prefer whatever you are browsing in safari to be off the record, no problem. Just go to “privacy settings -> Private Browsing -> on”.


8. Splitting Keyboard.

If for some reason you prefer to split your keyboard, well we do have a function for it. Tap and hold the keyboard button in the bottom right and select the “Split” option from the menu that pops up.


9. Read Comics.

For Comic fans. Just download, Comic Zeal for $4.99 to read comics.


10. Big Screen.

We can send an ipad video content to a television with the condition the television have Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter which cost $49.



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