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Published on May 30th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

How Exactly Google Search Engine Works

Google search is the most intelligent “machine”  ever created. Everything works in milliseconds. That’s as fast as the speed of light! So how does it actually works? 

First – Google Bots

Google sends out Web crawlers, known as “Google Bots”, that goes through mostly all the Web pages on the world wide web.

Second – Re-Crawling

These bots are made up of millions of computers that surf the Web much like how you and other individuals does it except that they do it much more faster. This is to make sure those sites crawled are the most recent sites and news. These Google Bots works all the time crawling and re-crawling websites.

Third – Contents

How often a site is crawled is depends on how quickly it’s content changes. For example, a newspaper site that have frequent updates will be crawled more often compared to a static company site. Webmasters can also indicate how often they want their sites to be crawled in Google Webmaster Tools.

Fourth – Links

The bots also detect all the links on the site, which are then put into queue system for crawling later on. These links are also important in deciding the search ranking of the particular site.

Fifth – Indexing

Then it copies all of these pages and store them in Google’s Index Database. The index works like the contents page of a book and contains all the possible search term.

Sixth – Query

When a user types in a query in a search engine, the index will match the queries with all the webpages in which the query terms appear and then grab the pages for the search results for users.

Seventh – Short Description

All at the same time, a short description of the pages is generated for the search results page.

Eighth – Rank

Web pages are ranked in terms of relevance before they are displayed on the result page. Google considers some 200 factors when ranking sites. One of them is PageRank, which takes into consideration by how many sites are linked to the particular webpage and the quality of the linking sites.

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