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Published on August 9th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

A billion Google Map users each month. It’s time for Ads!

It’s been so long since the map service by Google was established but just recently they announced that advertisements will start appearing on both iOS and Android software. That means you will see those ads on your iPhone, iPad and even your Android devices that has this service. We wonder why it took them years on coming up with this whole system unlike the Adwords campaign for their search engine which escalated quickly.

It’s nothing sophisticated yet from the information we got as the new ads system will just be a typical banner ads related to what you search. However, it is interesting though because for example when you search for a mobile device shop that you know of in New York, the banner ads will redirect to another similar shop nearby that location. Below is an example:

With this new ad launch by Google Maps, it’s definitely going to be more competitive out there and the “bids” are going to be higher in the big cities.

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