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Five Horror Movie which happens in Real life.

A movie based on true story. This should really grab our attention, especially if it is talking about unnatural occurrence. A horror movie based on a true story? Wow, things just got real. Anyway, the latest horror movie based on true story was “the conjuring”. Anyone watch it already?

It tells a story of a doll, anabelle and two paranormal researchers name Ed and Lorraine Warren. It is said the doll, anabelle was taken up by a demonic host and is going after the owner of the doll.

Well, ‘the conjuring’ is not the only scary movie which is based on a true story in the past. Here are five other horror movie based on a true story in the past:

1. The Exorcist (1973)

Even the title send chill down my spine. It was crowned the scariest movie of all time by several world renowned magazines. It was loosely based on a true event which took place in 1949. It is about a young boy, 14 years of age, known as Roland Doe. Roland tried to communicated with his deceased aunt through an Ouija board. Ever since then, strange things start to happen, such as random moving of object, scratching sounds in the middle of the night, creepy noise and so on. Roland behavior start to change afterwards, he start speaking in different voice, mumbling in deep evil voice. Several priest were called to perform exorcism. During the exorcism, the priests claim to see the word ‘evil’ and ‘hell’ begin to appear and disappears from Roland’s body. Roland reportedly went back to normal.


2. The Entity (1982)

The Entity depicts one of the more scariest and strange paranormal activities. This happen in around 1974 to a woman named Doris Bither. Doris Bither claim to have been physically abuse and sexually abused. She was raped by an unseen entities. Doris sought help from paranormal researchers Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff. Both the researcher confirm her claims and even caught an apparition although it did not attack Doris. Doris sought to moved out of the house and all the nightmare stops.


3. The Haunting in Connecticut. (2009)

This happens in 1986 when Carmen Snedeker and her husband rented a place in Connecticut to be closer to the specialist who was treating their son, Paul for Cancer. The family later discovered that the place they are renting actually is haunted. Paul begin having demonic visions and start seeing unknown figures. Things got even creepier when Paul was possessed and start attacking his own family members. Carmen sought help from Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed and Lorraine warren then conducted an exorcism to cleanse the house. It was reported by Lorraine that the actual case is much scarier then any movie could ever be!.


4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. (2005).

This happen on a 16 year old German girl named Anneliese Michel in the year of 1968. For years, Anneliese had been hearing strange and creepy voice saying she would be “damned” and she would “rot in hell”. Things got worst in 1975, her parents was convinced she was possessed by several demons. She started abusing and starving herself. Her parents then proceed to call two priest to performed an exorcism on her for ten months. However in the year of 1976, she passed away due to starvation and both the priest and her parents were sentence to jail for manslaughter.


5. The Amityville Horror. (2005).

This movie was based on a true story written down by a real life couple George and Kathy Lutz. In 1976 the couple moved to a house in Long Island. The house previous owner was a man that brutally murdered six of his family members in 1974. As soon as the Lutz moved in, spooky and eerie things start to happen. Unknown voices can be heard, cold feeling out of no where, unknown figures appear and disappear and so on. Ed and Lorraine Warren was again invited to do some investigation and later confirm the claims is not a hoax. The pair moved out after just a month living there.

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