Published on August 29th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

According to scientist, playing DOTA makes you smarter

Researches/scientist from Queen Mary University and University College London has recently found that playing real time strategy games will actually improve the cognitive flexibility.

What’s Cognitive Flexibility?

It is basically your ability to think on the fly and as well as entertain different thoughts at once. In other words, thinking about multiple concepts simultaneously. 

The Research

Researches from the Universities mentioned above, collected 72 female participants and split them into three different groups. The first two groups played Dota and StarCraft and the third group played a game called The Sims. Each and every group need to complete 40 hours of gaming on the games assigned in 6-8 weeks.

Psychological test are performed on every participant before and after the gaming period.

Surprisingly, the results shows that the participants that played the strategy game (Dota & StarCraft) scored higher in the cognitive flexibility test compared to The Sims participants. 

Of course playing Dota and things like that doesn’t make you smart as in you know EVERYTHING! You still need to learn history if you want to know about history and you still need to practice mathematics if you want to be good at maths. 

What the research is trying to prove is that, these strategy games actually makes you think better and faster.

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