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BMW Up-To-Date Price List Malaysia

BMW is very common in Malaysia. Despite the high price tag on each model, people still purchase them for the quality and comfort the German automaker offers.

Below is the latest models and price information by BMW Malaysia.

Models Market Price
M5 4.4 V8 RM898,800
1 Series Hatchback 118i RM203,800
1 Series Hatchback 118i Executive Edition RM204,800
1 Series Convertible 120i RM319,800
1 Series Coupe 135i M Sport RM423,800
3 Series Sedan 320d RM248,800
3 Series Sedan 328i RM289,800
3 Series Sedan 335i RM488,800
3 Series Sedan 320i RM238,800
3 Series Convertible 325i RM439,800
3 Series Coupe 320i RM289,800
3 Series Coupe 325i RM378,800
3 Series Coupe 335i M Sport RM498,800
5 Series 520d RM333,800
5 Series 520i RM358,800
5 Series 528i M Sport RM409,800
5 Series 535i RM598,800
5 Series GT 535i RM678,800
6 Series Coupe 640i RM768,800
6 Series Coupe 650i RM888,800
6 Series Convertible 640i RM868,800
7 Series 730 Li RM648,800
7 Series 730 Ld RM698,800
7 Series 740 Li RM818,800
7 Series 750 Li RM1,138,800
7 Series 760 Li Individual RM1,338,800
M3 Sedan 4.0 V8 RM718,800
M3 Coupe 4.0 V8 RM728,800
M3 Coupe 4.0 V8 Competition Edition RM758,800
X1 xDrive 20d RM268,800
X1 sDrive 18i RM238,800
X3 xDrive 20i RM358,800
X3 xDrive 20d RM348,800
X5 xDrive 35i RM588,800
X5 xDrive 20d RM578,800
X6 xDrive 35i RM698,800
X6 M 4.4 V8 RM1,118,800
Z4 Roadster sDrive 20i RM358,800
Z4 Roadster sDrive  28i M Sport RM488,800
Z4 Roadster sDrive 35i RM598,800
1 Series M coupe 3.0 RM508,800
6 Series Gran Coupe 640i RM788,800
ActiveHybrid 5 3.0 RM648,800
ActiveHybrid 3 3.0 RM538,800
ActiveHybrid 7 3.0 RM938,800
M6 Gran Coupe 4.4 V8 RM999,800

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