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Vibease? A wireless ”women’s toy”! Vibease has redesign their ”women’s toy”!

Vibease, a Singa-US start up that founded this Vibease.

Over the past two years Vibease has develop a vibrator that can truly replicate the exact sexual experience to excite all of your senses.

To achieve this, they interview many women and intimacy expert to understand the physical stimulation alone. Many vibrator out there just focus on the vibration strength, there is no mood in it.

However, to get stimulated it is the brain that plays the biggest role. Every senses that is being use is feed to the brain for the appropriate sensation.

How it works?

Bringing fantasy to be reality.

Vibease, the world first smart vibrator. It bring along all the senses together.

Simply choose a fantasy and click play, the vibrator intensity and rhythm will follow the mood of the fantasy.

Example: If the voice in the fantasy say your skin is so soft then the vibrator vibrate slowly and softly. If the fantasy voice say I miss you so badly, the vibrator will vibrate stronger.

The fantasy voice will stimulate your mind and the vibrator does the physical work.

The shape has been engineered for the best stimulation. It is small, comfortable and powerful. It is quite robust and versatile.

The market place has a long list of fantasy to suit your mood.

Vibease also allow your partner to control the vibrator from far apart, this will keep couple who is undergoing long distance relationship to have a continual intimate relation.

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