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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Muhd Erfan

How to prevent dengue fever using traditional medicine

Obviously there are many ways to cure dengue. Some ways are found and some are still under research. Here are a few verified methods that you can help to prevent this killing virus with lesser cost.

Papaya Leave Juice

Ingredients – Get some fresh papaya leaves (excluding it’s veins) and mix it with cold water. Then blend and filter it.

Instructions – Only consume 10ml four times a day. Continue drinking it even after the fever is gone.

Hill Neem Leaf Juice

Ingredients – Get some fresh hill neem leaf and mix it with cold water. Then blend and filter it as well.

Instructions – Only consume 10ml two – three times a day maximum. After recovery, keep on doing the same thing for a couple of days more.

Bhunimba or Nelavemu or Nelavembu Leaf Juice

Ingredients – Boil 10g of bhunimba leafs powder in 100ml of water till the water amount reduced to half which is 50ml.

Instructions – Consume twice a day by repeating the same method as above. Morning and the evening would be the best time of consumption. Keep repeating this habit for a couple of days more even after the fever has gone.

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